‘Getting with the Programme’ Workshop 2


‘Getting with the Programme’

Workshop 2: Theory & Sociological Views

5 March 2015 12:45 – 17:00

Meeting Room 1, FASS Building, Lancaster University

The Troubled Families Programme is one of the coalition government’s highest profile social policies, aiming to ‘turn around’ the lives of 120,000 of the most ‘troubled families’ in England. Recently expanded to include 400,000 more families, the programme has been heralded as a success and as a new way of working which meets both the needs of the families involved and ‘the taxpayer’, keen to see spending on such families reduced.

This workshop includes a keynote speech from Dr. Imogen Tyler and will then be split into three sections, with speakers from four different universities:

                    Dr John Welshman, Lancaster University
•                    Dr Imogen Tyler, Lancaster University
•                    Professor Andrew Sayer, Lancaster University
•                    Professor Robert MacDonald, Teesside University
•                    Dr Andrew Wallace, Lincoln University
•                    Stephen Crossley, Durham University

The first part will explore issues of class and how they intersect with the development of the Troubled Families Programme; the second part will locate the concept of ‘troubled families’ within wider sociological research and analysis, including consideration of structural issues and media representations; the final part of the workshop will allow for discussion, responses and feedback from audience members, with a view to influencing what might happen both at, and following, the final workshop in London in April.

We expect demand for this free event to be very high and places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. The workshop is open to all and we hope that practitioners, policy makers, researchers and students will all be interested in attending. For more information and to book a place at this event, please click here  

If you have any queries regarding the event, please contact m.lambert@lancaster.ac.uk

This event is supported by a grant from the Social Policy Association


‘Troubled Families’ reading list

I’ve put together a very brief introductory reading list on ‘troubled families’. That’s about it really. You can access it by clicking here  or on the image below

Reading list

If anyone has suggestions for other papers, please do let me know, via comments if possible so that others can also see them. It’s not intended to be an exhaustive list or a full literature review, just a list of some articles/books/reports which have been helpful to me in learning more about the Troubled Families Programme, where it came from and the model of ‘family intervention’ on which it is based.

If there’s enough good suggestions, I’ll update it at some point in the future.

Best wishes,