‘Feral families’ or a ‘filthy civilisation’?

I’ve written a guest post for the ‘Reimagining Social Work‘ collective in Aotearoa, New Zealand, at the invitation of Liz Beddoe, one of the members.

The post draws on parallels between contemporary ‘underclass’ narratives in England and the UK, with a particular focus on the ‘feral’ label which has been applied to people involved in the 2011 riots, and their family members, in England, and to families in Maori communities in New Zealand. Liz Beddoe herself has written more extensively – and eloquently – on some of these similarities here and Sara De Benedictis has written brilliantly about the ‘feral parents’ discourse in the UK here

My guest post can be found here, but there are a number of other very interesting posts on their blog as well, with the majority looking at current issues facing social practice and education. The blog highlights, in my opinion, how many neoliberal social policies, as well their economic counterparts, have a truly global reach.

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One thought on “‘Feral families’ or a ‘filthy civilisation’?

  1. Hi Steve

    I raised the question that Wooton suggests at a Band of Brothers (male offending mentoring) circle. I asked why they don’t call elites who create conditions favouring criminality to accountability. I was told that this meant neglecting our responsibility. I m all for responsibility, but equally shared across society in terms of the consequences of action. Justice is not part of the equation under neo liberal decision making.

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