‘Looking for trouble’? The role of the voluntary sector in the Troubled Families Programme


‘Looking for trouble?’
The role of the voluntary sector in the Troubled  Families Programme

The government’s Troubled Families Programme is one of the most high-profile and contentious social policies in recent years. Although it is managed by the Department for Communities and Local Government and administered by local authorities, the voluntary sector has played a key role at various points in its development and implementation. This paper adopts a critical stance and examines, for example, the role of the voluntary sector in: promoting previous constructions of ‘an underclass’; the development of the ‘family intervention’ model in a voluntary sector project in Dundee; providing enthusiastic support for the Troubled Families Programme despite numerous criticisms of it.

Thursday 29th September 2016, 3PM-5PM
Room 035, Lipman Building, Northumbria University
All welcome, please book at Eventbrite and visit our Facebook and Twitter accounts

The Q3 NETSRG meeting will by a special session led by Stephen Crossley.
Stephen is a Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at Northumbria University and a PhD student in the School of Applied Social Sciences at Durham University.



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