Public Accounts Committee – all written evidence

The Public Accounts Committee yesterday published all of the written evidence they received for their Inquiry into the Troubled Families.

This includes written evidence from me which I have just posted on this blog and which is also available in pdf format here.

Some of the evidence looks very ropy indeed and I’ll try and do a quick blog about them in the near future but for now, I thought I’d draw your attention to three of the more robust submissions. Yes, I am biased, and yes they are from others who are based or have been based  in academia, but they also happen to be the ones that are either most independent of the programme and/or draw most extensively on a wide range of research.

  • Michael Lambert, a fellow PhD student who I have worked and written, has submitted evidence relating to the history of concepts similar to ‘troubled families’
  • Professor David Gregg, who has written the most incisive critique of the Family Intervention Projects that pre-date the ‘TFP has submitted evidence here
  • A superb submission from Dr Matt Barnes (Department of Sociology, City University of London) and Andy Ross (Quant Social Research & Consultancy) examining the data behind the original figure of 120,000.

The PAC Inquiry into Troubled Families begins at 2:30pm on Wednesday 19th October. The three witnesses called to give evidence are all civil servants:

  • Louise Casey, Director General, Casey Review Team, Department for Communities and Local Government
  • Joe Tuke, Director, Troubled Failies and Public Service Reform, Department for Communities and Local Government
  • Melanie Dawes CB, Permanent Secretary, Department for Communities and Local Government


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