People, Place and Policy themed Issue: state intervention in family life

A themed edition of the open access, online journal People, Place and Policy, has just been published, examining state intervention in family life in the UK. The journal is edited and published by Sheffield Hallam University. There are four articles and an editorial in the journal, and while I won’t summarise all of them, as they’re easy enough to find, I’ll bring a couple to people’s attention.

Michael Lambert takes issue with Adam Perkins controversial (to put it politely) theory of a ‘welfare trait’ and re-examines historical evidence that Perkins draws on to conclusively undermine the theory and accuse Perkins of ‘recycling deprivation and reproducing depravation’. Sue Bond-Taylor has also written another compelling and nuanced theoretically informed account of the possibilities that intensive family support mechanisms can offer, if only they were freed from the ‘domestic surveillance’ shackles of the Troubled Families Programme and other neoliberal discourses. And I’ve got an article in there that examines how disadvantaged families interactions with the state have shifted ‘from the desk to the front room’ under austerity in the UK.

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