‘Making trouble’: a Bourdieusian analysis of the UK Government’s Troubled Families Programme

It’s now official, I’m a Doctor.

My PhD thesis is now available online here

And a summary of the thesis and the research, which I have produced for anyone who is interested, but not interested enough to wade through nearly 100,000 words, can be found by clicking on the link below: https://akindoftrouble.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/crossley_making_trouble_summary.pdf


I have received a lot of help and support from followers of this blog over the course of my research and so I would like to thank those people here. You have helped make the PhD a (largely) very enjoyable experience and I know many of you who have read blog posts or provided me with information have shared some of my many frustrations with the programme. I hope my research and writing might have helped in some small way, but I’m not entirely convinced that that will be the case…

Please circulate the summary as widely as possible, if you can, and the thesis although I appreciate that will be a bit of a hard sell to many people. I would like people involved with the programme, in whatever capacity, to read a bit of my research, or at least be aware of it, if possible. I’d also be very interested in speaking to anyone about the research – policy-makers, practitioners, families, etc. so if you are interested in that, please get in touch with me at Northumbria University here:  https://www.northumbria.ac.uk/about-us/our-staff/c/stephen-crossley/

Very best wishes,



One thought on “‘Making trouble’: a Bourdieusian analysis of the UK Government’s Troubled Families Programme

  1. Congratulations! Great news. I look forward to reading the summary at the very least. I have enjoyed reading your posts and comments as it has all progressed, and your work has very much contributed to the discussion of this policy issue and way of thinking. Very best wishes in all you do next. Helen

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