• Troubled Families Reading List

I’ve put together a very brief introductory reading list on ‘troubled families’. That’s about it really. If anyone has suggestions for other papers, please do let me know, via comments if possible so that others can also see them. It’s not intended to be an exhaustive list or a full literature review, just a list of some articles/books/reports which have been helpful to me in learning more about the Troubled Families Programme, where it came from and the model of ‘family intervention’ on which it is based. You can see the list by clicking on the image below.

Reading list

  • Turning Lives around?

Harriet Churchill, from the University of Sheffield, published short article on the Troubled Families Programme in the Social Policy Association’s booklet In Defence of Welfare II. It can be found here

  • SPA Conference 2015 – Troubled Families seminars and presentations

There were at least seven presentations, (including two plenary sessions) on ‘troubled families’ at the SPA Annual Conference in 2015. A Twitter storyboard of them can be found here

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