(Mis)Understanding Troubled Families Working Paper


I’ve spent a little bit of time tidying up my (Mis)Understanding Troubled Families blog posts from a couple of weeks ago and have put together a short Working Paper on the Understanding Troubled Families report and the data accompanying it.

The  Working Paper highlights three issues relating to the report which should be of concern:

  1. The quality of the data behind the report
  2. The misrepresentation of the data in the report
  3. The uses of the report and data

The report is available by clicking on the image above or here

Please feel free to use it and/or circulate it widely, that’s what it’s there for.



****UPDATE 21 October 2014. It would appear that I’ve misunderstood some of the data relating to the Understanding Troubled Families report that the Working Paper is based on. I thought the in-work/out-of-work figures related only to the time of a families’ entry to the programme. It turns out that the figures relate to any time during the 6 months prior to entry into the programme. I have updated the Working Paper to reflect this new timescale and the version available in the links above is the newer version(v2). My original concerns about the presentation of the data still largely stand. Apologies for the unintended misunderstanding****