The ‘official’ social justice (of the UK government)

I’ve had an article published online by the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice. The article looks at the concept of social justice as it was advanced by the UK Coalition Government in official government policy documents.

Whilst there have been numerous critiques of the welfare reforms and the rhetoric and evidence surrounding them, there has, I think, been relatively little critique of their work on ‘social justice’. So this article looks to address that a little bit. The article can be found here


This article examines the official concept of social justice, as advanced by the Coalition government in the UK between 2010 and 2015. The article begins with a discussion of some traditional comprehensions of social justice and summarises its recent use by political parties prior to 2010. A short section on methodology precedes a sketching out of five interconnected themes of: dehistoricised; localisation and individualisation; residualisation; work; and innovation and commodification. The article concludes with a brief summary of the official understanding of social justice and a look forward to its future use by the government.

If you don’t have access to the journal (I don’t…) and can’t access the paper, please get in touch and I’ll send you a pre-copy edited version.

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